on getting started: thinking of Lou Reed...

I am thinking of Lou Reed just now, the Velvet Underground guy. He said," I think it's true what my wife said to me, she said 'Lou, Lou, Lou, it's the beginning of a great adventure.'" Lucky Lou, I say, to have a muse. But if his wife doesn't mind, I feel inclined to adopt that forecast for kicking jesus.

A few years ago --before blogging was invented-- I wrote a weekly post for 52 weeks on Yahoo to 700 or so people called the MondayMorningBluesBlaster. The immediacy of the medium was dramatic and exhausting. Every sunday night i'd stare at the screen of my old 486 and drink, smoke, and sweat until something came. I'm wishing now that the quality of connections made then will come around again this time for kicking jesus. If it doesn't, i'll shut it down and take up some other bad habit.

As often as I can,